Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bullies at School Part III

 A new year began and Felicia was hoping that things would change, but unfortunately they didn't. They got worse.

After they came back from Christmas break, all of a sudden all the friends she thought she had were pretty cold to her. They hardly spoke to her. She couldn't figure out why. There was a new indifference. Janna would say very unkind things to her. And do unkind things.

Felicia got a new jacket for Christmas and while in the school lounge, Janna spilled coke all over it. Felicia tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Although, when she told me about the spill, she voiced her suspicions because of the way it happened. Felicia's jacket was ruined. No amount of washing would take the stain out. She wore it twice and it went into the trash - it was not even something Goodwill would take. A short time later, Janna showed up at school with a new jacket....exactly like the one she ruined.
Felicia's beautiful highlights
In February Felicia got her hair highlighted and it was absolutely gorgeous. The colors were perfect for her and they looked so natural.   When she went to school with the new look, Janna did a lot of whispering, pointing, and giggling much like the two girls are doing in the photo in the top left. About two weeks went by and on the following Monday, Janna had her hair exactly like Felicia's.

Things like this went on through May. Whispering, pointing and laughing. Felicia became quiet and withdrawn. Her only friends were two boys that she would see periodically. The other girls she thought were her friends were cold and distant. Every once in a while one of the girls would talk to her, but then they would ignore her all over again.

There were a lot of mean things taking place in this school it seemed. This group of girls took pictures of the stomach of an overweight girl whom they pretended to be friends with and posted it it on Facebook with snide remarks. The irony of this is that the girl that was bullying Felicia was overweight herself.

When the school year ended, she told me that she wasn't sure she wanted to go back to this school and I was shocked. She didn't say why. "It's just not what I had hoped," was her answer. Part of me was relieved because, I knew she wasn't happy. She wasn't our same girl. The other part of me was very, very sad for her because I knew that she really wanted to be with other girls and make new friends. Why this hadn't happened for her I couldn't figure out.

Part I, Part II, Part IV to follow

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