Sunday, January 6, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I'm not this lame, but as fast as technology changes...I can totally see us
turning into our grandparents when they came out with the cordless phone.

I was planning on writing a great deal over the Christmas holiday, but it was not meant to be. Our son, who is our personal computer technician,  left to spend Christmas at his grandparent's house in Florida. The day after he left, we lost our ability to stay connected to the Internet.

After a few unsuccessful attempts of troubleshooting the problem over the phone with him and then our ISP company, I accepted this as a sign of temporary defeat until our handsome "propeller head" returned.

I have come to realize how dependent we are of our computers...and more importantly of our children who understand this "language" so well.  We have now become...aaahem...desperately dependent on them in this area. We definitely realized that when this dear boy goes away to college, if that's to be his path, my husband and I are in serious trouble.

God willing, I can begin writing again.

Forever in His debt,

1 friends said...:

  1. Aww! I'm lucky to have a personal geek. So glad you're back in action Monica!


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