Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey there!

I'm back from a long hiatus! I have had a very busy summer and fall and haven't had a great deal of time to post although I have been taking a great many pictures for posts. I just hope I remember all that I wanted to write.

Our eldest son kept us very busy with soccer. We were at games and practices anywhere between four to seven days a week. He wanted to play for a travel team as well as a homeschool team; definitely something I don't recommend and will not be repeated again. :oP   <= see exhausted smiley face.
Let's just say he pulled a fast one on me with this arrangement. LOL
Award time for team #1 - 2nd place

Receiving his "All Conference" award for team #2

I have to say that we are quite proud of him because he managed to keep his grades up while playing both teams and occasionally playing guitar for our youth worship team.

I have never been so busy! There were days that this schedule became insufferable. By the time fall came around, I was counting down the days till the last game for each team. He did admit that it was a little too much for him as well.  He preferred not do that again to himself and to the rest of us, including his younger brother who really had to be a trouper at times.

My summer and fall were filled with sweet memories, interesting learning experiences, and at times personal morass of which I am still trying to work through. I'll write about all that later.

For right now, I can say that I'm glad to be back! It feels good to write again!

Forever in His debt,

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