Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Payment on Debt

When you have elephantine debt looming over your head, paying it down swiftly seems virtually impossible. But if you are resolved to do just that, it can be done.

If you can find ways to economize and get into the mindset of learning to be content with what you have, then you will make dents and headway into that financial mountain you're facing

A few weeks ago, my Beloved came home and told me that we just made a 29.5% payment on the principle of our loan! I was overjoyed!  Do you see it there on the top right corner? The bar has risen! We are so excited and it is a great feeling! We have a ways to go, yes, but baby steps are better than standing still.

We are working little by little on this "mountain." Sometimes it's difficult to keep trudging along when all you can take is baby steps and that is how it is for us. But we will never move forward if we don't take any steps at all.

I am hoping this fall we will be able to have a yard sale and get rid of more stuff we have in the attic and around the house.

To update you on my post "Getting Out of Debt" I am somewhat disappointed with the outcome. I had over $1,000 worth of books for sale, but what I got was a little over $300. Yes, I am disappointed but I made more money than I would have had they remained in the attic. And Mark and I were prepared to donate the unsold items for families in need.  We were committed to trusting God in this - so it is what it is.

Once this is all behind us the only debt I want to be in is...

Forever in His debt,

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