Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

I am bed soon. It seems like it's been a very unproductive day. I will get up and try again tomorrow. [sigh]

I am reading...Down to Earth - A Guide to Simple Living by Rhonda Hertzel. I love her blog! It's like having Grandma Walton guiding me through the changes I am making in our family. She is inspirational wisdom at its finest! I cannot put the book down! It was worth the overseas purchase.

I am hoping...that tomorrow I can get this house looking orderly again. What a disaster. It's amazing how quickly a house "goes to pot" (as my grandmother would say) when every person decides to leave  things out and about.

I am looking forward early morning walk with my BFF!

I am to can and dehydrate food. This weekend I will be making salsa and ratatouille and canning it without incident..God willing!

Around the house...evidence that an eight year old boy occupies our home. He needs more training.

I am pondering...our budget plan and strategizing on when I can sit down and devote some real intense time to it. It has got to be soon without further delay!

A favorite quote for today...
"Charity is never lost; it may meet with ingratitude, or be of no service to those on whom it was bestowed, yet it ever does a work of beauty and grace upon the heart of the giver."  Middleton

One of my favorite things...instrumental worship music. It settles and soothes my mind and soul. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:
To clean this house from top to bottom, make & can some food, make my first batch of automatic dishwashing soap, and more laundry soap.

A peek into my day...
The weather has been very bizarre and stifling hot for the last couple of weeks.  It's unbearably judgement hot!! But I'm sure this doesn't even come close to what's described in "the final chapter."

Forever in His debt,

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2 friends said...:

  1. I love your blog here...refresh is the word that comes to mind. I have never made salsa before and have always wanted to....maybe you could share some tips here? Happy week end wishes to you! =O)

  2. Hi Christine,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I cherish visitors...they warm my heart. I can make salsa and pico de gallo, but this will be only my second year canning it. The first recipe was "eh" because the recipe called for sugar. Being Hispanic I thought this was sacrilegious, but I didn't trust my own instincts enough to alter it because it was my first time canning. I am going to try it this year. Your blog is so sweet and full of God's goodness!

    Have a lovely weekend,


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