Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Made Laundry Soap - revisted

I have been making laundry soap for about a year and a half now. One thing I noticed after I started using it is "gray creep." My whites were not white anymore. When you have used Amway Laundry Detergent or Shaklee, you see your whites become really white. They are beautiful. When I saw the whites start to go dingy and drab, I started to do some research and found that this was an issue for some as well. In addition, the grated soap became a problem for some people and their HE washers. Here are my revisions to remedy both.

This is what I use to grate the Fels Naptha

This grater actually shreds smaller than a traditional grater. It's fast too and I love it. It was part of our Health Craft cookware we bought new at a yard sale (they didn't know what they had..but that's another story).

Shredded soap that looks like cheddar. :o)

This is a very close up picture of the shredded soap in relation to the penny.

I got my trusty Ninja and shredded the soap even smaller. It does a fantastic job!

Above is the final result of letting the Ninja go to work.

I changed the recipe by adding this to the mixture. I cut the Borax in half and completed it with Oxi Clean.

This is the final result of my recipe. I don't prefer to make the liquid's a lot more work and for the large amount I need, it requires shelf space I do not have. 

Here is a picture of it in my OXO's small and powdery, huh?
Now for the God-honest truth. Not everything comes out with this. At times it requires some scrubbing first with the Fels directly. Wash again.  Failing that, I spot treat it with Amway detergent and or Stain Remover. Yes, I do have a bottle of it and the stain remover in case of emergencies. But that bottle has lasted me a year and a half, so over all I get good results from my homemade soap and a little "elbow grease."

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