Friday, March 2, 2012

For Today

Outside my window...a decent storm has subsided. It's dark and I'm ready to tuck my youngest into bed.

I am thinking...about my son's soccer tournament this weekend. Will it really happen? More storms are in the forecast.

I am thankful...that I got an inquiry about my homeschool books that are for sale. I was beginning to wonder.

In the kitchen...a box of chocolate chip cookies have been tackled...I've had three...I wonder if Gus the Glut Goose will sneak into the house tonight while I'm asleep. When he shows husband comes home from the fire house to a box full of crumbs. Poor him. :o{

I am wearing...fuzz! I've got my fuzzy pants, fuzzy socks, fuzzy top and fuzzy fUggs (faux Uggs).

I'm creating...a menu for Colonial cooking. We've got recipes to try out before my sister and nephew arrive.

I am wondering...if visitors will like by new "About Me" page. It's times like this that my insecurities come out, "did I say too much...or not enough?"

I am going.... to choose a blog designer in the next couple of days.

I am reading... the same two books. I am nearing the end of The Power of Blessing and it has so many gold nuggets in it. Do you ever wonder what a seemingly trivial thing like calling the person that cut you off on the freeway an idiot?  Some of our lack comes from the simple cursing (not to be confused with cussing) that we do in our daily lives. Get it. Read it. Unleash your blessings!

I am hoping...that I can devote some more time to putting my homeschool books up for sale.

I'm looking forward... to Easter and my sister's visit. I miss her so much.

Around the house...booms and youngest cannot get enough of Smash's much like Myth Busters.

A favorite quote for the day...when it comes to chores and homework I like, "The more you whine, the more I'll assign."

One of my favorite things...getting my little one to brush my hair. Although, at times it feels more like he's raking my hair...and that clearly tells me he's just not feelin' it.. :oP

A few plans for the week...nieces birthday, a dreadful root-canal for me, and a consult for our oldest son to get his wisdom teeth pulled. Oh joy. :o{

A peek into my day...I miss being able to grow these. They were one of my favorites in California. I couldn't wait to see all the fuchsia plants in the nursery department.

Forever in His debt,

8 friends said...:

  1. I love your "About Me" section. Your story sounds similar to mine. I was a single mom for several years until last April when I married my husband. We are dairy farmers and we have also been hit hard with the economy. I am still very new at gardening and canning but I am learning! This is our first year homeschooling as well. My prayers are with you as you strive to serve our Lord and care for your family!

  2. Dear TR,
    Thank you for your sweet comment. I stopped by to see your blog, and yes, we do have a lot in common. I too have an uncle that has only ever treated me like his daughter. My aunt passed away two years ago and she was like a mom to me as well.

    God bless you in your journey of your new life...and congratulations. Please stay in touch!

  3. I love your About Me page. I'm from VA as well, and I too have been on a journey to live more frugally. I live in the Shenandoah Valley (Stuarts Draft) with my husband and four children.

    1. Dear Rose,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. The work on it is coming along slowly, but I am satisfied with my About Me page. I know exactly where you live! I love that area so very, very much. We frequent The Cheese Shop I would say quarterly. When I go though it has to be for a big purchases. I will tell you one thing that has saved me a ton of money is their McKays chicken & beef instant broth. I especially love that it contains no MSG and little salt.

      I'm still trying to master this new schedule that I have brought upon myself. It doesn't quite match up with our sons and it is hitting our pocket book ...and flowing through the drive-thru's. Not good for the health or our budget. So I'm working on what makes sense.

      Blessings to you and your family!

  4. I liked your About Me! i thought it was really good!! I am new to your blog..found you via the simple woman daybook thingy. Good luck with the root canal (I had one last summer...ugh...although it was better than getting a molar pulled!) my oldest had her wisdom teeth out last's not a bad recovery...except we found out that Vicadin does NOT agree with her...we stuck to just plain ole tylenol and ice for pain :)

  5. Dear Faith,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I so appreciate it. Your blog is wonderful! We have had a warm weather here as well. It actually snowed on Monday...and now we are having 73 degree weather.

    I am sure your hair looks wonderful! I wish I could wear short hair. It would make my life easier.


  6. I like you "about me" page so much that it has inspired me to properly fill out mine. Soon. :-) I like your quote, too. I just discovered your blog on Simple Woman's Daybook and look forward to future posts.

  7. Hi Mama Hen,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad that I have inspired you to make one of your own. I always love to read people's testimony and learn a little more about them. Sometimes, you just find kindred spirits through blogging. I will look forward to seeing your "About Me" page and will check regularly.

    Have a blessed weekend!


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