Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Autoimmune Urticaria Dermatographism V

It has been a few months since I have made a post but summers have turned out to be quite a busy season for me since I have started gardening.  This summer in particular has been unusually busy for some reason.

First, I am happy to report that I am a thousand times better!  I have not broken out in hives and have not had any itchy scalp problems either!  It really is awesome!

I did a few different things than last year that I found very helpful. I bought some scrubs for the summer to help with the mosquitoes and it has proven to be very helpful. I have three scrub pants and two tops. It was pretty much my summer attire for hanging around the house and running errands.  The scrubs are light weight cotton and keep me as cool as possible.  Because summer has been scorching hot and dry...very dry, the the mosquitoes have not been as bad this year.  Another thing that I found helpful was taking cooler showers.  If I sweated from exercise or being out in the garden, I would wash and condition my hair as usual.  However, just before getting out, I would lean forward and rinse my hair with cold water.  This was a hint given to me by my aunt who used to suffer from hives as well.  She told me that the key for her was keeping herself cool.

I started to exercise around March and still had not been relieved of the hives on my scalp. I would have to do a cold water rinse each time and then take my Allegra horse pill to help with the itching. It got to be a little irritating, no pun intended, so I stopped exercising.

I thought the heat of this summer would cause the hives on my scalp, but thanks be to God, that problem has vanished...miraculously.   The last time that I used the Scalpacin was around late April or early May.

I continue to take the Allertec (Costco brand Allerclear) and have not had to take anything more since late May, I believe.  

I believe that prayer and having faith that God would restore my body has made all the difference. My body has calmed down significantly and I am very, very, thankful to my Lord, Jesus Christ.

I pray that if you suffer from this that what I have posted has been helpful to you.  I would encourage you to pray and believe.  God's timing is not always our own and we should not give up when we grow impatient. We need to trust God that He will work it all out to His glory. "Strength will rise if we wait upon the Lord." (Chris Tomlin)

Wishing you many blessings,

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