Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Television

Growing up my mom used to call it the "idiot box" and my friends' parents used to call it the "boob tube." I couldn't figure out how that term was coined but later figured out that the idiot box was another name for boob tube and visa versa. The general population turns into bumbling idiots over that dumb ol' box. We become deaf and mute to the world and "the box" slowly starts to take over our day and our lives.

A year or two ago my husband and I came to the conclusion that we would soon be turning off the cable because quality programming was diminishing. At that time we gave the children fair warning that the time was soon approaching. They groaned and whined. "When?" they would ask. "Do you mean soon? Do you mean in the next six months, a year, when?" We just said.."soon." Oh, the panic would ensue. "Well, can you just wait until hockey season is over?" or "I want to see what happens with Jon & Kate...and the Duggers are having a new baby."  And then they would remind us..."I thought you loved Foodnetwork and Mystery Diagnosis?"

By nine o'clock the parental control was blocking just about every program and the kids would get frustrated. Every once in a while some programming would slip under our radar that we would have to put the kibosh on because we have a wide range of ages between the three children...and a small little ears picked up a whole lot.

If we had a system where we could select the channels for our cable programming they would be HGTV, Foodnetwork, Discovery Health, Hallmark Channel, Fox News, TLC (some), and select Christian Channels. Unfortunately, we cannot do that so we came to the decision in 2010 to turn the darn thing off. The expense was not justifiable any longer.

In addition, it made everyone lazy...including me and my husband. Nothing would happen until we watched ALL of Holmes on Homes. Have you ever seen that show? The man is awesome! He takes pride in the quality of his workmanship and is a smaller version of Extreme Homes. It is a great show but nevertheless, it was becoming a problem for ALL of us now. We discovered Holmes on Homes in December or January and we were immediately hooked. My beloved learned a lot from watching Holmes and it got him motivated on working on some of the problem areas in our home....but still... it literally came down to...the cost. And along with the cable went the land line. 

We have been almost two months into this and already there are some positive changes.
The two older ones are not bickering nearly as much most of which was over the television. They seem to be enjoying each other's company more. There is a lot less attitude...a lot less!  The little one thinks he misses his shows but really what he used to do was put on a show and watch it for 15 minutes and go off to play. I am caught up with grading school papers (I homeschool). More "little" things are getting done around the house and not getting "put off." The telemarketers have stopped calling YAHOOOOOOOOO! 

I do miss Fox News ...and not knowing what is going on...but at times that can be a good thing because it did cause me undue stress. I can't stand to see what our leaders are doing to this country - but that is another post leave that for my FB. I now wait for my beloved to update me when he's at the Fire Department. What we do need to do is get a weather radio or an emergency radio (with crank).

All in all, I am enjoying the peace but at times get frustrated when I know I have to make a call where I will more than likely be placed on the black hol of hold. For that reason I try to do everything online before I make that call to the XYZ Company.

Little by little I am chipping away at the things of this world that take us away from what is really important. We spend a lot more time in each other's company and we like it. We still get Netflix, but they are movies that we approve of and that we can enjoy as a family. Conor, our youngest just got three movies that he's been wanting to see. He has yet to watch them in full.

We did decide though that if we ever do go back to television that we would more than likely get SkyAngel; it is very affordable and it has only the things we watch with the exception of HGTV and Foodnetwork. But I guess you can't have everything.
Well, that is all the new news I have for today.

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