Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
January 20, 2010

Outside My Window ....
It's a gray day, windy and very cold. These
types of days make me want to curl up with a blanket and
a good book.

I am thinking....
the sewing project - I've made two mistakes and
I'm frustrated.  And (this is random) about
canceling some services to save money.

I am thankful for....
God's provision and all the work he is
going to provide so that we can pay our bills.

From the learning room…
Homeschool was a lot of flashcards today.
Math flashcards and phonics blend flashcards.

From the kitchen....
Chicken and rice casserole

I am wearing....
Jeans and a pullover hooded sweatshirt...
...and I'm still cold.

I am creating....
a few pillows for my daughter's room

I am going....
work on that this evening I hope.

I am reading....
The Man From Cyrene..and it's very good.
Simon Niger and his wife, Deborah are on the run.
He killed a Roman soldier and set fire to the
wheat they wanted to confiscate, which created a revolt
among the other farmers.

I am hoping....
and praying for some dear ones to be
healed of physical ailments.

I am hearing....
Our oldest chatting on the phone and
our Conor painting; he loves art.

Around the house...
Is evidence that Conor is very right-brained.

One of my favorite things....
Good clean wholesome movies.
I enjoyed Master Piece Theatre's Cranford Series
with Dame Judi Dench - such a lovely movie.

A scripture thought....
"But the LORD still waits for you to come to him
so he can show you his love and compassion. For the LORD
is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for him to help them."
Isaiah 30:18

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week....
sewing and more sewing apart from the regular
household routine...I'm running out of time. :oP

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Most people put "skydiving" as one of the things that they
would like to do in their lifetime. I would like to go on
a cattle drive for about a week, complete with
a chuck wagon cook and camping out under the stars.
Maybe some day...


If you would like to journal with the Simple Woman's Daybook, please stop by and visit Miss Peggy (as we call all gentlewomen here in the south) at The Simple Woman to peek into the lives of other "Simple Women" and read the guideline for creating your very own daybook.

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