Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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January 13, 2009
Outside my is daylight and quite chilly.

I am thinking...about making a big pot of "cocido" tomorrow as 
the children are feeling unwell.

I am thankful wee boy who has finally fallen asleep; he needed a nap.

From the learning rooms... School today has been reduced to bible and phonics for the wee boy because he wasn't feeling well. The older two pressed onward.

From the kitchen...we had tuna fish sandwiches, matzo ball soup & chips. Conor calls in "duckling soup." He really means dumpling soup. ::o)

I am wearing...what keeps me the warmest - my fleece attire.

I am creating..the same birthday gift for a darling girl.

I am church tonight.

I am reading... "The man from Cyrene" at the recommendation of my father-in-law. I have temporarily put down the other.

I am hoping...that the children will be well by the weekend.

I am wee boy snore as he sleeps in mommy and da-da's bed; colds do that to him.

Around the house...are a host of items that need to be taken care of i.e. put away.

One of my favorite having my beloved husband home during his days away from the fire dept.

A few plans for the rest of the week: tutor a student in Spanish and try and get these children well - not much else matters when the children are not well.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing


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