Friday, October 16, 2009

The Mother's Reply

Swallow Hill, PA, June 7, 18____

Dear Betsy:

Your letter which has been received, affords great pleasure and satisfaction to your father and myself. Nothing could give our hearts greater happiness than to know of your enjoyment and firm purpose to do right. Now that you are removed from all parental restraint, it is of the most vital importance that you implicitly rely upon the religious precepts which have been instilled into your mind, and that you daily pray to God for guidance and mercy. We are greatly pleased that you are well situated with Mr. and Mrs. Benedict; in return for their kindness you must be honest, industrious, kind, and obliging; doing your duty always faithfully, which will be a real satisfaction to yourself as well as to your employers. Several of the neighbors, who have called, have wished to be remembered to you; Mary and Jimmy unite with your father and myself in sending you love. We shall constantly pray for your continued protection and prosperity. I remain, dear Betsy, Your affectionate Mother, Harriet Fairbanks

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