Friday, October 16, 2009

From a Servant in the City, to her Parents in the Country

New York, June 1, 18____

My Dear Parents:

I take the first opportunity, since I arrived in the city, to write to you. It was a sore trial, I assure you, to leave home, but since coming here I have been quite contented, and I am getting so well accustomed to my work, that I begin to like my place very much.

Mr. and Mrs. Benedict, are both very kind to me. The family consists of father, mother and three children, the youngest being a little boy three years old; a beautiful little fellow, that always reminds me of brother James. Eliza, the oldest girl is thirteen, and Martha is eleven. They are both very kind to me, and do so much about the house that it helps me very considerably. Mr. Benedict is a clothing merchant in the city, and I judge, is in very good circumstances. The girls are attending school at present.

All the family are very regular in their attendance at church. For the first few days here, everything seemed very strange. I hardly knew what to make of so much noise and so many people on the streets. I have now, however, become accustomed to the multitudes and would, I presume, consider my native village very dull indeed, compared with the bustle and activity of the city. I realize every day, dear parents, the worth of your good advice to me, which I never knew the value of so much before; thanking you for the same I will always endeavor to follow it.

Give my love to Johnny, Mary, Jimmy and all enquiring friends. I shall anxiously look for a letter from you. Write me in the care of Solon Benedict, No.----, Thirteenth Street.

Your dutiful and Affectionate Daughter,
Betsy Ann Fairbanks

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