Friday, August 14, 2009

The Final Touches to Felicia's Room

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It is my desire that she grows to fully understand in her heart, who she is and *whose* she is. We bought her this "name plate" for Christmas last year as a reminder of how special she is not just in her parents' sight, but in God's sight. A visual reminder that her name was chosen especially for her and with purpose.

Felicia means happiness and her bible verse is Habukkuk 3:18 "Yet will I rejoice in the Lord; I will be joyful in the God of my salvation."

Felicia is our joy and a treasure of a daughter. We are thankful for our days with her and hold fast to the memories that we have with her because we know that some day soon, she will begin her own God directed journey away from us.

We wanted to create a visual reminder that even though she may have stormy days when everything goes wrong, she only needs to take refuge in her room to see that she is a beloved daughter of her Heavenly Father and that he holds her in the palm of her hand. Regardless of the cruel words people may hurl at her, in our Lord's sight she is beautiful, precious and he delights in her existence.

So,with that in mind, I put the "I am" above her name, and the "Beloved of God" below her name so that in its entirety, it reads: "I am Felcia; beloved of God." It is right next to her mirror and at her door. We want her to be blessed in her coming and in her going. We love her, can you tell?

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