Friday, August 14, 2009

The Final Touches II

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The final touches that we added to Felicia's room were an inspirational quote that all of her youth group picked for her (they chose from seven). I asked them to choose one that would be inspirational and encouraging every time that she opened her eyes. So they chose the quote by Amy Carmichael "It is a safe thing to trust Him with the desires He creates."

As she comes to the close of her childhood years, it is our hope and prayer that God will create desires in her heart that will point and direct her to the calling he has on her life. And in the quiet of her room and the stillness of the night, she will recognize God's voice and respond to His call and serve him with every inch of her being and all the love in her heart.

This picture truly does not do it justice, but it is beautiful on her wall.

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