Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Hoppers - Singing My Favorite Song of All Time

This is my new favorite song and my new favorite group. I still love Hillsong and all of their songs and it is a dream of mine to be able to attend their concert and see Darlene Zschech, but I have to add The Hoppers too. They tour around NC a lot, so I am going to try to see them within the next year.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Felicia's Sweet Homecoming

This has music - so yes, scroll down and hit the pause button.

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Felicia's New "Digs"

This has a beautiful Hawaiian Lullabye to it. It's one of my favorites, so yes, go to the bottom and stop the Playlist music.

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Here is the story of Felicia's room.

Felicia has been wanting to have her room redone in a beach theme for about three years now. She was given a gift card to Home Depot for the paint but she had misplaced it. She found it a few months ago and got excited. She put it away in a special place where she could find it. Well, it was time for their vacation to California and she could not remember the special place where she put the gift card. I told her that if she could not find the card, she would not get her room re-done. By the time she got to California, she resigned herself to accepting the fact that this would be another year that she would go without her room being repainted.

Little did she know that I had asked our pastor's wife, Kyle, to redesign Felicia's room in a beach theme in March. Kyle is amazing in so many ways. She is not only an amazing pastor (she's licensed and ordained as well) but she has a talent for shopping in any store, any yard sale and getting the most for her money. She is a very talented decorator and could easily win her own spot on HGTV (that's my opinion). Once you see her work, I'm sure you'll agree that she's got talent! BTW, she sings beautifully too. Anyway, Kyle had been shopping at yard sales and stores for bargain deals and had a few items stashed away when we got started in July.

Felicia loves the colors hot pink and bright green together as well as pink and brown together, but didn't think she could have all of them so her finaly and green.

The day after she left, Kyle and I went shopping and she had everything all picked out and all her wonderful ideas in a folder and all organized like a true interior designer. She had a folder full of coupons and already knew where the sales were. Off we went! We shopped till we dropped. The only thing that I chose differently was the bed cover. The color was right, but the pattern was not Felicia - she is not a fan of quilt. The price was not my favorite either..but would do it if there was nothing else available. Stewart, Kyle's daughter was with us. When they saw that I hemmed and hawed at the bed cover, Stewart went over to the clearance area and started to look around. She found a duvet cover and pillow case set from Nautica for half the price and although it wasn't all bright pink, it had all the right colors. It was all white with pink and green ribbon as the embellishments - it was Felicia! The price was the best!

After shopping, Kyle had to leave town for a few days, so I emptied Felicia's room into the living room. When I saw the mess, I knew she needed some organization help, so off to Ikea we went. I took two of her friends from Uth (youth) group and had fun. Conor was with us and kept us all entertained. I also got some boxes from Office Depot that I love! The brand is "Really Useful Boxes." They are a U.K company hoping to open up their own online shop with a warehouse in Illinois soon. . Office Depot has a limited selection, but it was the selection I needed. I organized and put away those things I knew she didn't need to have nearby. I have a bag for her to give me the nod to give to Goodwill. When all that was done, Mark and I stripped the chair rail off and patched all the walls. Then Kyle and I primed the room and doors.

By the time we finished priming and painting, I started to get a little nervous about having the room done in time, but Kyle had every confidence it would be done the day before Felicia and Matt returned. The day her room was completely dry, we moved the furniture back in and I started to put her room together. It was already a complete transformation from what it used to be...and we weren't even done! It was definitely a "wow" room!

Felicia's room is small but the mirror that Pastor Scott built really makes it look bigger. The mirror came from Kyle's parents house (they are pastors at our church too) and Pastor Scott made the frame! It's gorgeous! I think when you see all the pictures, you'll agree with me that Kyle has some phenomenal talent. We still have some things coming to add to the room, and I'll add those pictures later. Enjoy!
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