Saturday, June 6, 2009

Letter from a Father Remonstrating with his Son

Danbury, Conn., July 17 18____

My Dear Son:

I am sorry to learn that you are not inclined to be as strict in your line of duty as you should be. Remember my son, that a down-hill road is before you, unless you rouse yourself and shake off immediately the habits of dissipation that are fastening themselves upon you. Be sure, dear boy, that nothing but sorrow and shame can come of bad company, late hours, neglect of duty, and inattention to the obligation of morality. I am willing to think that you have not given this matter sufficient thought heretofore; that your actions are the result of thoughtlessness rather than a disposition to do wrong. But be forewarned in time. You must change your course of action immediately or incur my severe displeasure.

I urge this, my boy, for your sake. Remember that my hapiness is bound in your own, and that nothing could give me greater pleasure than your prosperity. I trust that it will not be necessary for me to use more severe language than this.

Your Anxious Father,
Franklin Mathews

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