Monday, May 11, 2009

From a Husband, Absent on Business to his Wife.

Detroit, Mich., Feb 1, 18__
My Dear Anne,
I have been to the end of my journey, and now homeward bound. Another week, and I hope to kiss my darling wife and babies, and tell them that this is my last journey of the winter.
One or two journeys next spring, and then I am done traveling away from home. What better news can I write you than this? Yes, perhaps I have better news yet, which is, that I have completed such arrangements, during my absence from you this time, as will greatly increase my income without it being necessary for me to travel.
Isn't that pleasant? How I long to get home and tell you all about it. At present, when not closely engaged in business, I am busy thinking of many improvements that we will make around our home next summer, being the very changes that you have so long desired, but which our means hitherto have not permitted us to make.
Kiss Sammie and little Beth for me, and accept many kisses for yourself. I will write you from Cleveland, if not before. Good night.

Your ever Loving Husband,
W.J. Bathhurst

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