Monday, May 11, 2009

My Favorite Era

Here are some fun letters taken from a very old book that belongs to my brother-in-law. He loves to collect old books and I love to peruse his collection. This is one of my favorite books because of the affectionate, darling, and extremely polite letters that are written as examples to the "student" in need of guidance on how to handle "delicate matters." The Victorian and Edwardian era are my favorite eras and my husband's too. We love the Victorian Queen Anne homes, and the very way of life. Their love for God, family,home,and simplicity. I have copied these letter verbatim including punctuation. It is sad to me that some words, phrases, sentences, if used today, would be seriously misunderstood. On that same note, some of the same verbage has proved to be quite humurous. One particular letter, which I will add later, is from a young lady who has decided to sever the relationship with her "intended" because he smokes and she finds it a disgusting habit.

Letters of Friendship and Relationship - 1875

Write letters to friends and relatives very often. As a rule, the more frequent such letters, the more minute they are in giving particulars, and the longer you make them, the better.

The absent husband should write a letter at least once a week. Some husbands make it a rule to write a brief letter home at the close of every day.

The absent child need not ask "Do they miss me at home?" Be sure that they do. Write those relatives a long letter, often, descriptive of your journeys and the scenes with which you are becoming familiar. And, if the missive from the absent one is dearly cherished, let the relatives at home remember that doubly dear is the letter from the hallowed hearthstone of the home fireside, where the dearest recollections of the heart lie garnered. Do not fail to write very promptly to the one that is away. Give all the news. Go into all the little particulars, just as you would talk. After you have written up matters of general moment, come down to the little personal gossip that is of particular interest. Give the details fully about Sallie Williams marrying John Hunt, and her parents being opposed to the match. Be explicit about the new minister, how many sociables you have a month, and the general condition of affairs among your intimate acquaintances.

Don't forget to be very minute about things at home. Be particular to tell of the "bub," and "sis," and the baby. Even "Major," the dog, should have a mention.

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