Monday, May 11, 2009

Answer of Mother to her daughter

New York, Oct. 6, 18___

My Dear Child:

I am sorry that you should urge me to grant you such an unreasonable request. Of course, nothing could please me better than to have my darling little Ella sitting on my lap at this very moment, but think how seriously the absence from your school, now, would derange all your recitations from this term. You must not think of it; recollect that all your brothers and sisters have been away at school, and always remained until vacations. It is true that you, being the youngest, have been petted more than the rest, but it would be very unfortunate to have my indulgence interfere with your studies. You know that you are the idol of our hearts; for that very reason you should endeavor to become proficient in those branches of study that will render you an accomplished lady.
Believe me, my dear child, you will find school more pleasant every day, as you get better acquainted with your schoolmates; and, through improvement in your studies, you will steadily grow in favor with your teachers.
I will write Mrs. Mayhew to render your tasks as light as possible at first, and I have no doubt she will do all in her to power to aid you.
Only a few weeks remember and you will be home for a long vacation, which will be all the more delightful for the privation you are at present undergoing. Your father, brothers, and sisters all unite with me in sending their love.

I remain, my dear child, Your affectionate Mother,
Nancy Bennett

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