Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mother Marge's Cheesy French Bread

When we go to visit Grammy & Grandpa in Florida, we look forward to all of their delicious yummies. Pop makes some mean BBQ and seafood chowder. We keep telling him he should be on "Throw Down with Bobby Flay." There isn't anything that either one cannot cook. Here is Mother Marge's bread. There are no measurements, so you pretty much have to eyeball everything.

  • One loaf of french bread. Sliced horizontally all the way down
  • 1-2 cups of mayonnaise (I use 100% Canola for health reasons)
  • grated medium cheddar cheese (2% milk fat)
  • scallions chopped (2 bunches and include some of the green)

Score the french bread for individual slices. Start with 1 cup of mayo and add the grated cheese and scallions and mix it all in a bowl. There should be about 1/2 cheese to 1 cup of mayo to start. You want it to be a consistency that is easy to spread across the loaf halves i.e. not to stiff and thick with cheese. Once you get
the spread on, put the bread on a cookie sheet and broil (keep an eye on it though). Once the cheese is melted, bring it out and it is ready to eat! Yummo!

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