Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bullies at School Part III

 A new year began and Felicia was hoping that things would change, but unfortunately they didn't. They got worse.

After they came back from Christmas break, all of a sudden all the friends she thought she had were pretty cold to her. They hardly spoke to her. She couldn't figure out why. There was a new indifference. Janna would say very unkind things to her. And do unkind things.

Felicia got a new jacket for Christmas and while in the school lounge, Janna spilled coke all over it. Felicia tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. Although, when she told me about the spill, she voiced her suspicions because of the way it happened. Felicia's jacket was ruined. No amount of washing would take the stain out. She wore it twice and it went into the trash - it was not even something Goodwill would take. A short time later, Janna showed up at school with a new jacket....exactly like the one she ruined.
Felicia's beautiful highlights
In February Felicia got her hair highlighted and it was absolutely gorgeous. The colors were perfect for her and they looked so natural.   When she went to school with the new look, Janna did a lot of whispering, pointing, and giggling much like the two girls are doing in the photo in the top left. About two weeks went by and on the following Monday, Janna had her hair exactly like Felicia's.

Things like this went on through May. Whispering, pointing and laughing. Felicia became quiet and withdrawn. Her only friends were two boys that she would see periodically. The other girls she thought were her friends were cold and distant. Every once in a while one of the girls would talk to her, but then they would ignore her all over again.

There were a lot of mean things taking place in this school it seemed. This group of girls took pictures of the stomach of an overweight girl whom they pretended to be friends with and posted it it on Facebook with snide remarks. The irony of this is that the girl that was bullying Felicia was overweight herself.

When the school year ended, she told me that she wasn't sure she wanted to go back to this school and I was shocked. She didn't say why. "It's just not what I had hoped," was her answer. Part of me was relieved because, I knew she wasn't happy. She wasn't our same girl. The other part of me was very, very sad for her because I knew that she really wanted to be with other girls and make new friends. Why this hadn't happened for her I couldn't figure out.

Part I, Part II, Part IV to follow

Forever in His Debt,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Technical Difficulties

I'm not this lame, but as fast as technology changes...I can totally see us
turning into our grandparents when they came out with the cordless phone.

I was planning on writing a great deal over the Christmas holiday, but it was not meant to be. Our son, who is our personal computer technician,  left to spend Christmas at his grandparent's house in Florida. The day after he left, we lost our ability to stay connected to the Internet.

After a few unsuccessful attempts of troubleshooting the problem over the phone with him and then our ISP company, I accepted this as a sign of temporary defeat until our handsome "propeller head" returned.

I have come to realize how dependent we are of our computers...and more importantly of our children who understand this "language" so well.  We have now become...aaahem...desperately dependent on them in this area. We definitely realized that when this dear boy goes away to college, if that's to be his path, my husband and I are in serious trouble.

God willing, I can begin writing again.

Forever in His debt,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey there!

I'm back from a long hiatus! I have had a very busy summer and fall and haven't had a great deal of time to post although I have been taking a great many pictures for posts. I just hope I remember all that I wanted to write.

Our eldest son kept us very busy with soccer. We were at games and practices anywhere between four to seven days a week. He wanted to play for a travel team as well as a homeschool team; definitely something I don't recommend and will not be repeated again. :oP   <= see exhausted smiley face.
Let's just say he pulled a fast one on me with this arrangement. LOL
Award time for team #1 - 2nd place

Receiving his "All Conference" award for team #2

I have to say that we are quite proud of him because he managed to keep his grades up while playing both teams and occasionally playing guitar for our youth worship team.

I have never been so busy! There were days that this schedule became insufferable. By the time fall came around, I was counting down the days till the last game for each team. He did admit that it was a little too much for him as well.  He preferred not do that again to himself and to the rest of us, including his younger brother who really had to be a trouper at times.

My summer and fall were filled with sweet memories, interesting learning experiences, and at times personal morass of which I am still trying to work through. I'll write about all that later.

For right now, I can say that I'm glad to be back! It feels good to write again!

Forever in His debt,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jehovah Jireh - God Our Provider

Today part of my daily devotion was Genesis 20-22. I have read that story countless times, but something about it today just resonated with me.  The part that really made me reflect was Genesis 21:10
"So she turned to Abraham and demanded, "Get rid of that servant and her son. He is not going to share in the family inheritance with my son, Isaac. I won't have it!"

We know that Sarah had some trust and faith issues with God when it came to conceiving. Quite some time had passed and she still hadn't conceived, so Sarah took it upon herself to create an heir through Hagar. That clearly was not God's plan. She succumbed to impatience and that impatience weakened her faith and trust in God. Doubting her Heavenly Father, she took matters into her own hands and looked to someone else to be her provider.

Maybe she thought she was to assist in the process.  Maybe she gave up entirely. In any case, she tampered with the promise God gave her. I am sure that God was looking down at Sarah, with a pregnant Hagar nearby, just shaking His head.

I can almost hear God's one way conversation, "WHAAAT are you doing???" or "This is not what I had planned for you!" or maybe he just started shaking his head and with a frown on his face and his eyebrows deeply furrowed, uttered, "Mmm-mmm-mmm."

Sarah compromised God's plan by taking matters into her own hands and relied on someone else to be her provider. Imagine her surprise when one day she found herself pregnant. I wonder if she had an "Uh-oh moment." I wonder if she went through the nine months asking herself, "What have I done?"

During Isaac's first birthday she discovered her predicament with Hagar and realized a little too late her error in not looking to and trusting God to deliver on His promise. Now Hagar wasn't exactly being the humble handmaiden - she only aggravated matters, but Sarah went to Abraham and demanded he get rid of her and Ishmael. Can you hear her stomping her foot, "I won't have it!"

What a painful move for Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael. And although her attitude toward Sarah was less than pleasing to God, He did not ignore her. When she was at her end in the desert with Ishmael, God gave Ishmael a blessing of his own. However, God, being the God of grace and mercy delivered on the promise He made to Abraham and Sarah by not only providing an heir of their own but by making a covenant with Abraham, which He renewed with his son, Isaac and grandson, Jacob.

What predicament do you find yourself in today because you didn't trust God with the provision? Will you trust Him today? Will you trust Him with a "no" or "yes" or "Not right now?" If you do find yourself in a predicament, will you trust God to work it out for good?  He will if you love Him. Romans 8:28

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your word today. You are Jehovah Jireh and I can trust you to meet all our needs. Help me to discern the noes from the yeses and accept them as divine wisdom from you, Abba Father. When I find myself in doubt and unbelief, will you please help my unbelief? And when I act on my own, please accept my repentance and help me not to miss the lesson in it.

In Jesus' Name. Amen

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Payment on Debt

When you have elephantine debt looming over your head, paying it down swiftly seems virtually impossible. But if you are resolved to do just that, it can be done.

If you can find ways to economize and get into the mindset of learning to be content with what you have, then you will make dents and headway into that financial mountain you're facing

A few weeks ago, my Beloved came home and told me that we just made a 29.5% payment on the principle of our loan! I was overjoyed!  Do you see it there on the top right corner? The bar has risen! We are so excited and it is a great feeling! We have a ways to go, yes, but baby steps are better than standing still.

We are working little by little on this "mountain." Sometimes it's difficult to keep trudging along when all you can take is baby steps and that is how it is for us. But we will never move forward if we don't take any steps at all.

I am hoping this fall we will be able to have a yard sale and get rid of more stuff we have in the attic and around the house.

To update you on my post "Getting Out of Debt" I am somewhat disappointed with the outcome. I had over $1,000 worth of books for sale, but what I got was a little over $300. Yes, I am disappointed but I made more money than I would have had they remained in the attic. And Mark and I were prepared to donate the unsold items for families in need.  We were committed to trusting God in this - so it is what it is.

Once this is all behind us the only debt I want to be in is...

Forever in His debt,

A Little Kitchen Entertainment

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This was our kitchen quandary last night. Our DS has been away from home most of this summer and is evidently out of practice with KP. He missed the box of dishwasher detergent and went for the liquid dish soap. Not only did he put it in the detergent holder...but he filled it to the RIM! It was worse than you see here!

I think every house has one of these mishaps in their history of kitchen blunders. I, personally, have two to my credit as well as a broken dishwasher. The two blunders had a significant space of time between them, but it wasn't after the mess was in the kitchen that I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen to correct the problem. But I was too late...and the dishwasher was "no more."

Home Economics (I am calling it Bachelor Survival 101) will begin in two weeks! What's good for the goose is good for the gander! We won't be sewing though...we'll be mending. :o)

Forever in His Debt,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Made Laundry Soap - revisted

I have been making laundry soap for about a year and a half now. One thing I noticed after I started using it is "gray creep." My whites were not white anymore. When you have used Amway Laundry Detergent or Shaklee, you see your whites become really white. They are beautiful. When I saw the whites start to go dingy and drab, I started to do some research and found that this was an issue for some as well. In addition, the grated soap became a problem for some people and their HE washers. Here are my revisions to remedy both.

This is what I use to grate the Fels Naptha

This grater actually shreds smaller than a traditional grater. It's fast too and I love it. It was part of our Health Craft cookware we bought new at a yard sale (they didn't know what they had..but that's another story).

Shredded soap that looks like cheddar. :o)

This is a very close up picture of the shredded soap in relation to the penny.

I got my trusty Ninja and shredded the soap even smaller. It does a fantastic job!

Above is the final result of letting the Ninja go to work.

I changed the recipe by adding this to the mixture. I cut the Borax in half and completed it with Oxi Clean.

This is the final result of my recipe. I don't prefer to make the liquid soap...it's a lot more work and for the large amount I need, it requires shelf space I do not have. 

Here is a picture of it in my OXO Container..it's small and powdery, huh?
Now for the God-honest truth. Not everything comes out with this. At times it requires some scrubbing first with the Fels directly. Wash again.  Failing that, I spot treat it with Amway detergent and or Stain Remover. Yes, I do have a bottle of it and the stain remover in case of emergencies. But that bottle has lasted me a year and a half, so over all I get good results from my homemade soap and a little "elbow grease."

Forever in His Debt

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Freezing Pesto

Here is my finished Pesto freezing project:

Pesto frozen in a cupcake pan lined with Stretch Tight plastic wrap
I found that cutting wrap pieces large enough to lay over four rounds at a time (twice) and
then two rounds at a time (twice) makes this go by fast! Additionally, the plastic wrap is cold and stiffer and that makes it easier to cut as well.

This is one sheet on top of four cups. 

Below, I wrapped up the "pesto cups" individually and put them in a freezer bag.

Below, is almost all the pesto I was able to make on my first harvest. I have more in the freezer.

I was able to put six in each bag and by the time I get through I will have six to eight bags for the winter. And I still have more basil growing and have started some more from seeds!

I call this Sommer Pesto after my friend's daughter. They too love pesto and one year I made some for them, but I had used pecans and pine nuts. Sommer is allergic to pecans (not terribly).  A few days after I have given them some, it must have been the Holy Spirit who spoke to me
because while I was getting ready for work, I heard, "That Pesto has pecans in it and Sommer is allergic, you better call them." I dropped my toothbrush, ran to the phone and warned them (it was early in the morning too).  The following year, I remembered to make the pesto with only pine nuts and it has been Sommer Pesto since. This tells them it's ONLY pine nuts.

Forever in His Debt,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Gardening and Saving Money

One of the very rewarding activities that keeps me quite busy in the summer is our garden. It is a very simple box garden. It saves money on our grocery bill and allows us to can and dehydrate the abundance that we cannot eat right away. We are still learning a great deal...particularly about bugs that bring no end of frustration...and sometimes a tear or two.

One thing we love is Pesto! We make some every year...a little bit goes a long way.

Basil fresh from our garden
Although Pine Nuts are not cheap (they're quite pricey but a better buy at Costco) you can also use a combination of Pecans and Pine Nuts or Walnuts and Pine Nuts.

This may look like green nuclear waste, but it is oh-so-good!
This was actually my second bowl. I had already frozen one big batch (below) and here is how I did it.

I freeze cupcake size batches in our freezer
As tedious as this may be, I use small "squares" of Costco's "Stretch Tight" plastic wrap and line the cupcake holes. I put a 1/2 cup of Pesto in each and stick it in the freezer. Once they are frozen, the plastic wrap will allow them to pop out very easily. I will wrap them up individually with additional wrap and then put them in a Ziploc freezer bag (quart size) for use throughout the year. I keep them in the freezer. This cannot be canned. It can keep in the refrigerator a week or two at most.

Last year I tried yo put the pesto directly into the cupcake circles, but it was difficult and messy to pop out. I had to let it thaw a bit first, pop them out, and then wrap it in the parchment paper. When I use them (I still have some), I again have to let it thaw a bit and in both cases I lose a lot of the olive oil , which is essential for blending and folding it into the dishes and it's VERY messy.  And for this reason, regular paper cupcake wrappers will not work either...IMHO.

You can use use these with chicken and fish not just pasta. Additionally, you can use it as a mayonnaise substitute when making Paninis. I do not have a Panini maker, but I improvise and the sandwiches are OUTSTANDING!!!

Here is my recipe for Pesto:
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Forever in His debt,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Scripture

"O, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on to know him! Then he will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring." Hosea 6:3

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Forever in His debt,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

I am going...to bed soon. It seems like it's been a very unproductive day. I will get up and try again tomorrow. [sigh]

I am reading...Down to Earth - A Guide to Simple Living by Rhonda Hertzel. I love her blog! It's like having Grandma Walton guiding me through the changes I am making in our family. She is inspirational wisdom at its finest! I cannot put the book down! It was worth the overseas purchase.

I am hoping...that tomorrow I can get this house looking orderly again. What a disaster. It's amazing how quickly a house "goes to pot" (as my grandmother would say) when every person decides to leave  things out and about.

I am looking forward to...an early morning walk with my BFF!

I am learning...how to can and dehydrate food. This weekend I will be making salsa and ratatouille and canning it without incident..God willing!

Around the house...evidence that an eight year old boy occupies our home. He needs more training.

I am pondering...our budget plan and strategizing on when I can sit down and devote some real intense time to it. It has got to be soon without further delay!

A favorite quote for today...
"Charity is never lost; it may meet with ingratitude, or be of no service to those on whom it was bestowed, yet it ever does a work of beauty and grace upon the heart of the giver."  Middleton

One of my favorite things...instrumental worship music. It settles and soothes my mind and soul. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:
To clean this house from top to bottom, make & can some food, make my first batch of automatic dishwashing soap, and more laundry soap.

A peek into my day...
The weather has been very bizarre and stifling hot for the last couple of weeks.  It's unbearably hot...like judgement hot!! But I'm sure this doesn't even come close to what's described in "the final chapter."

Forever in His debt,

If you would like to participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook, click on the link and take a peek into the thoughts and lives of other women.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A little Spring Getaway

It seems like spring had just arrived when we had to say good bye and welcome summer. But to our delight, summer brought two weeks of perfect California weather! We were delighted to say the least.

We have not stopped moving since May and life has gotten so busy that I had to make choices about blogging. Sometimes I just cannot squeeze it in without rendering myself useless the following day, or more importantly, creating consternation with my family because the important things are not getting done, so I hope you understand.

On a more lighter note I do have plenty to share! In late May we took a trip for our anniversary to the Shenandoah Valley and stayed at a very cozy cabin.

One of the things that has become tradition for us when we travel is to stop at a Cracker Barrel. There is a breakfast that my husband I really enjoy, so we stopped to enjoy the ushering in of our little getaway.
My Beloved, Mark, playing the peg game.

It wasn't going to be much of a traditional two-some anniversary getaway because we had our Conor with us. A farm visit was in store for him as well as the opportunity to make new friends. He was excited too.

The older two stayed behind because they had work and since hours are hard to come by these days, they didn't want to lose them.

Mark and I didn't have much of an agenda other than going to spend one day with some very sweet Mennonite friends.

When we are tired and need a break, we plan a getaway with little to no agenda- especially for Mark. He works soooo hard that sleep is his priority. Sometimes it takes a week for him to finally feel rested.

For two young adults and a small child, that makes for a not-so-enjoyable vacation. I take reading and crocheting to occupy that time of "hibernation."

We went to Route 11 Potato Chip Factory that has the finest ingredients that chips can have. Whole Foods carries them... f that tells you anything. My favorite was this one:

This is good eatin' right here!
I am not a potato chip fan but this brand..and all their chips were outstanding. They even have some hot and spicy that are probably hotter than the Hot Cheetos...they are called Mama Zumas Revenge! These are hot and tasty...and did I say HOT!! Our little guy loves them though!

And finally, here is our vacation scrapbook!  I hope you come and visit Virginia and when you do make sure that you go to Luray...I heard that is a wonderful little town with some awesome caverns.

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Have a wonderful July 4th!

Forever in His debt,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Mother's Day

These days I prefer to spend my Mother's Day doing something fun but not costly. We are in a season of paying down debt and part of getting there for us is lowering our grocery bill and we do that by planting a garden. My dream garden is rather eclectic...very comfortable and a little whimsical. A place where people might love to sit and escape. It's going to take time, but little by little I think it can be achieved.

For Mother's Day my darling daughter helped me build this...
These river rocks came from our own backyard.
My husband says they grow in our yard! ;o)

...a topsy turvy clay pot garden.

We first took two rebars we bought at Lowe's.
These are about 5 feet each.

We drove them into the ground with a hammer. They are about a foot or more... until they feel relatively sturdy.

For the pots, we used one 14" pot, two 12" pots and one 10" pot. We fed the 14" pot through the hole and then took some rocks and used them to tilt the pot to one side. You might have to play with the rocks a bit and move them around until the pot feels sturdy and doesn't wiggle. Once that was done, we fed the 12" pots through the bars. Once that bottom one is tilted each pot that's fed through will naturally lean to the opposite side of the previous pot.

We loaded up the pots with potting soil and then planted our herbs. Herbs are quite expensive if you haven't noticed. You can save a ton of money just growing your own - if you're a person that enjoys cooking fresh food. And you can dry the herbs and store them for future use.

The top one has flower seeds in it and so we are waiting for them to sprout. The pot on the left is showing sprouts, but the one on the right might need a re-do of seeds.

I have been wanting one of these for a year now, and I finally got to it. Hubby has been busy with the side business and hasn't been able to get to the "Honey-Do" List. :o)

For dinner my husband bought New York steaks and let me tell you what a treat that it for us because we are mostly poultry and fish eaters for health reasons.  So we had steaks, baked sweet potatoes, a beautiful salad and we were so stuffed, we didn't have room for dessert, which would have been fresh mangos.

There was one other item that I was wishing for, but I couldn't decide if it was the wise thing to do. I agonized over it. On one hand it was expensive so the cost was frightening to me. And even though it was a once time cost, their was a monthly charge that I'd have to add to the bills. I also thought about how helpful it would be for blogging.  It took a few weeks to mull this over (I started before Mother's Day) and  there were so many ways it would be helpful to my everyday life.

After weighing everything out, I finally agreed it would be helpful and told my husband yes, I'd like it.
So he bought me this...

Yep, it's an iPhone! My favorite two apps are the icalendar and MyFitnessPal.

icalendar allows me to sink to my computer without connecting it. It syncs via iCloud. It has revolutionized my life and I am thrilled that I am not missing any appointments. I manage five calendars and that is why my life was crazy!
Missed doctor appointments can range anywhere from $20 to $40  dollars...if the spirit moves them. And it frequently moves them. I tried to manage a paper calendar on the fridge with my computer and it just wasn't working.

I am also able to take very nice pictures and they sync right up to the computer, again without having to connect it and I can blog right away! I love it!

FitnessPal is an app that tallies up your calorie intake. It has every kind of food in there, but if it's not in there, there is a barcode scanner that will scan your item and give all the nutritional info. It also lets you build your recipes in there and it calculates the calories of one serving.  And you can change the portions, for example: if a serving size is 1 cup but you've only had 1/4 cup, it allows you to change it and it does all the math for you... I've already lost 1 pound doing this for three days! I'm eating 5-6 times a day (small, healthy meals & snacks).

What's not to love? I don't care about Facebook app or the email app. I pay little mind to them. The text I like..it's easier than my old cell phone, but it was the calendar that sold me!

What a wonderful gift! Had I not been able to get it, I would have been just as happy. Spending time with my daughter building the topsy turvy clay pot garden was fun. Weeding and fixing up the front yard with my oldest son was priceless (see my previous post) and eating steak with all of them was marvelous.

I can think of no greater gift than to be able to open my eyes every morning to see my husband's face and those of my three children that God has entrusted to us. They are the most precious gifts of all and make life as a mother the biggest blessing of all.

Forever in His debt,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Crazy, Busy, Wonderful Motherhood Life

It sets in about early April. It seems that it always does. I can't help myself. I try and fight it but I can't. The coming end of our school year! Spring brings in the beauty of newness, the birds and the squirrels all around seem to be just as excited as I am. They sing, scurry, and scamper around with each new day. I try not to show it, but all of my insides are doing the same thing. "The end is almost here."

The last month and a half has been crazy busy. But isn't that how life is? You expect that things should be doing one thing, mine was slowing down, but for whatever reason just the opposite happens. April brought a family gathering out in the country, an Easter celebration with friends, and my sister and our nephew(my brother's son)  for a visit from California. We did all the touristy things.. Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Washington D.C all in seven days! Our son's and my mother-in-law's birthday.

All this knowing that my garden boxes need much attention and me with little to no time. Now, rather than rejoicing at the entering of spring, I'm now chompin' at the bit over the garden boxes. They are our food in the summer. As I'm going over the calendar trying to figure out when I could start, I receive a cry for help from a sweet friend. She needs help. This won't be an easy journey, but she's my friend. I've walked in her shoes and someone walked with me.  I can walk with her. I'd have to figure out the garden boxes later.

When I turned the calendar to May, I stood there in disbelief and panic. The garden boxes! Determined to not get further behind, I was very intentional about the first weekend. I said no to everyone who wanted me to do anything other than let me work in my garden. My darling daughter and I scurried off to our favorite nursery that is only open from mid-February to late June. They have the best prices ever and a great deal of heirloom products. Our garden plans begin. We got home very excited! We unloaded the car and each time we set a flat of starter plants down, our excitement slowly started to sink like the mercury in a thermometer. There they were...those pesky weeds in the boxes. Okay, so we wouldn't get to plant today. That weekend we weeded and planted our first flat..spinach, Swiss Chard, onions, Basil and a squash. Progress.

On Friday, May 11th I come home to find our beautiful daughter weeding a garden bed in the front yard! It was her Mother's Day present to me since she was low on funds. It was the best present ever!! I was so encouraged that Saturday I woke up and started finishing it. She had to leave for work. She's sad that she can't finish her gift, but I tell her that's okay. I am happy she did most of it.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? My teenaged son coming out to help in his gardening gear! He blew my socks off! I didn't even ask him. He just came out on his own. Whoa!

 He weeded and as we finished the big bed my daughter started he asked, "Do we have flowers to plant?"
I looked at him, "Uuuhh, no."
He looked shocked. "Well, can we get some?"
"Right now?"
"Yeah, why not?"

I sigh. I know what's happing here. You see, my son is entering that time of his life when weeding or working in the garden is a minus ten (-10) on the scale of "satisfying things to do." But he knows his Mom's love language. Acts of Service!  Yes, acts of service fill my "love bucket." I tell my husband that I don't need jewelry. A romantic cup of coffee in the morning and quiet time to read just fills my love bucket! Clean the kitchen and I am in heaven for the rest of the day! I understand this stage of a teenagers life. You see at this stage in his life, this act of service needs to see an I.R.O.I (INSTANT Return on Investment). So off we go. As we arrive he says, "This is going to be quick, right?" 

I say nothing but all the while I'm thinking, Great! Here it is...my son's Martian. The 'Mars' found in every male species rearing its head. That anti-shopping gene. I smile at him, "I'll go as fast I can. Luckily, I know what we came for...and as we're picking four-packs, he starts "shopping." But it's short lived. He snaps himself out of it like a dog shaking the water off from an unwanted bath. "We're done now, right?" he confirms nodding his head. 
I look at him. 
"Mom, I want to finish so I can start studying for finals."
"Well, this was your idea!" He's wearing a blank look. He pretends he doesn't hear and starts for the register. Here comes the best part. We're at the register when we discover we are short one four-pack for the price of a full flat. He holds out his arm like a school crossing guard, "Don't move, I'll get it. You continue paying."
"Well, I can go...I know exactly..."
 "No, stay right there, I'll get it." He runs to get a four-pack. I haven't seen him move that fast since his last soccer game! I am thoroughly enjoying watching his "man" evolve. We pay and we're on our way home. Silence for ten minutes.
"I'm hungry."
"I thought you were in a hurry?"
"I am, but I'm hungry. I need food." He turns to me, smiles that smile that my heart has a hard time resisting and says, "But mom, I love you!"And then that big cheshire grin. I feed the starved boy and he's happy the rest of the way home. 

Once at home, he brings all the flowers and starts planting them. I get to plant a couple (literally). 
I get stuck with the weeding and he's planting right behind me. As fast as I'm plucking out, he's plopping in. Deciding I'm not going fast enough, he goes AROUND me, and starts plucking and plopping. Ah, ha! There it is! Now he's in conquer mode. I thought this was supposed to be my mother's day present?  I giggle. "What's so funny?"
"Oh, nothin'." I smile at him.

 I'm happy having his company and I'm completely amused watching this young man become that man that God created. He puts in the last flower, stands up, "Looks good!" he admires. He dusts himself off. "Okay well, since there are no more flowers, I'm going to go inside and study." 
"But there's more weeding," I protest knowing full well where this is going to go. He opens his mouth to speak but I say it for him, "I know, I know, you have to study for finals. Go on with you!"
Well, he's not going to have to be told twice so off he goes like Jack Sparrow.  "I had fun, Mom!" He yells.  "Me too!" I yell back.

 I wonder what his Venus wife will be like?I hope he develops a little more patience. He probably will... although I highly doubt it will be for shopping. Oh, dear.  I still have time to work on him. I wonder if Dads have the same experience with their daughters? I'll have to ask my husband. 

Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing me with Motherhood.

Forever in His debt,

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